My 2022 Sight and Sound List

Name: Jonathan Rosenbaum
Job title: film critic, teacher
Country: USA

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  1. Greed
    Year: 1924
    Director: Erich von Stroheim
  2. M
    Year: 1931
    Director: Fritz Lang
  3. Spring in a Small Town
    Year: 1948
    Director: Fei Mu
    Comment: The most neglected great film on my list, at least in the Western world.
  4. Ordet
    Year: 1955
    Director: Carl Dreyer
  5. A Man Escaped
    Year: 1956
    Director: Robert Bresson
  6. Ivan the Terrible, Part II
    Year: 1958
    Director: Sergei Eisenstein

  Comment: Like Welles’ equally worthy Touch of Evil, a monument to hyperbolic excess.

  • PlayTime
    Year: 1967
    Director: Jacques Tati
  • Vagabond
    Director: Agnès Varda

Comment: Like Resnais’ Providence and Françoise Romand’s Mix-up, a masterpiece of magisterial juxtapositions.

  • Satantango
    Year: 1994
    Director(s): Bela Tarr
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence
    Year: 2000
    Director: Steven Spielberg

Comment: Not only Spielberg’s best picture but also Kubrick’s;  a collaboration between a dead director and a friend who survived him seems appropriate for a meditation on the differences between human and nonhuman, living and dead that comprises a searing allegory about cinema itself.

Further remarks: I’ve omitted Chaplin (City Lights, Monsieur Verdoux) Hitchcock (Rear Window, North by Northwest), and Welles (Touch of Evil, Chimes at Midnight) as “goes without saying”. But it’s also painful to exclude, among others, Akerman, Antonioni, Bergman, Brakhage, Buñuel, Burnett, Cassavetes, Cocteau, Costa, Denis, Dovzhenko, Feuillade, Ford, Godard, Hawks, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Jia Zhangke, Keaton, Kiarostami, Mizoguchi, Muratova, Murnau, Manoel de Oliveira, Max Ophüls,  Ozu, Portabella, Renoir, Resnais, Rivette, Rossellini, Sembène, Snow, Preston Sturges, Tarkovsky, Tashlin, Jacques Tourneur, Tsai Ming-liang, Visconti, Wiseman, Wong Kar-wai, and Edward Yang.

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