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According to my rough calculations, based partially on scrapbook entries, I’ve published over 9,000 items since the late 60s. And according to my former technical adviser and helper Benjamin Coy back in May 2008, when jonathanrosenbaum.com was launched, over 5,500 of these appeared in the Chicago Reader. As of August 22, 2021, there were 8,827 separate items or “posts” on the new web site (including 109 items that had been prepared or reformatted but had not yet been published or republished).

In some cases, if one looks up a particular film title, one may even find shorter and longer versions of the same capsule — a reflection of the Reader’s practice in recent years of trimming some of its longer capsules to conserve space. (J.R. Jones informs me that this trimming is no longer done; after I left in paper in early 2008 and Mara Shalhoup came in as editor, longer versions of the capsules appear on the Reader‘s website and shorter versions appear in print.)

In a few cases, due to some computer glitch, capsule reviews have been transported from the Reader web site in incomplete form. In those cases, I would advise going to the Reader’s own web site for the full version of the capsule, and would appreciate it if readers who encounter this problem could email me about it (at jonathanrosenbaum at earthlink dot net) so that I can restore the full version of the review on this site.

A caveat regarding the dates at the beginning and/or end of separate entries. Many of these are correct, but at least a tenth of them and possibly many more than that are not to be trusted. The reason for this is that computers compute and follow some orders but don’t think. Over 700 of my capsule reviews were never dated on the Reader’s database, and then had to be dated arbitrarily in order to be imported; and there are probably several others that were already dated incorrectly on the database for one reason or another. Non-Reader entries from monthly, bimonthly or quarterly publications also had to be assigned specific days as well as months and years, and there are most likely other glitches as well. I would welcome information from readers about ones that might be correctable, if they wish to email me (jonathanrosenbaum at earthlink.net), and I’ll correct these if I can.


On the first day of jonathanrosenbaum.net, October 8, 2013, 924 people paid  visits to this site;; 519 of these people came from the U.S., 93 from the U.K., 83 from Germany, 76 from Canada, 30 from Australia, 26 from Spain, 25 from Brazil, 15 from India, 14 from Argentina, 13 each from France and Peru, 11 each from Japan and Portugal, and 9 each from Indonesia and South Korea. On the same day, 1,610 people visited jonathanrosenbaum.com. On August 23, 2021, according to Goggle Analytics, there were 1,239 visits paid to jonathanrosenbaum.net from 909 visitors  with 2,774 pageviews. 429 came from the U.S., 122 from Chinia, 74 from the Uk., 40 from Canada, 32 from Australia, 21 each from India and South Korea, 20 from France, 19 from Ireland, and 18 from Italy.  During the previous week, 5,511 came from the US., 1,974 from China, 777 from the U.K., 442 from Canada, 369 from Australia, 250 from Spain, 220 from India, 218 from France, 216 from Germany, 192 from Italy, 172 from Argentina, 157 from South Korea, 148 from Ireland, 143 from Sweden, 141 from Brazil, 124 from the Netherlands, 114 from Japan, 102 from Portugal, 91 from Russia, 90 from Indonesia, 72 from Mexico, 58 from Greece, 57 from Hong Kong, 52 from Romania, 50 from Colombia, 47 from Turkey, 46 from Finland, 43 from Norway, 41 from Iran, 39 each from New Zealand and Vietnam, 38 each from Belgium and Switzerland, 36 from Austria, 34 from Taiwan, 33 each from Chile & Denmark & Poland, 32 each from Czechia & Malaysia, 31 from Peru, 28 each from Bangladesh & Croatia & Serbia, 26 each from Israel & Singapore, 24 from Thailand, 23 each from Egypt and the Philippines, 22 from Ukraine, 20 from Slovakia, and smaller numbers from 61 other countries.


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