Critters 2: The Main Course

For spectators who haven’t seen the original and don’t know all the donnees of the characters and situations, the makers of the sequel aren’t as forthcoming as they might have been. But there’s still a fair amount of disreputable amusement to be found from the eponymous, carnivorous rolling fur balls from outer space and the extraterrestrial bounty hunters on their trail. This minor Gremlins spin-off can’t boast much in the acting department, and most of the special effects are decidedly cut-rate, so good-natured nasty fun is the main bill of fare. Its not nearly as imaginative as Beetlejuice, but its callow little heart and its overbite are still both in the right place. With Don Opper, Scott Grimes, Liane Curtis, Barry Corbin, and Terrence Mann; directed by Mick Garris, written by Garris and David Twohy. (JR)

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