Up Against The Wall

A 14-year-old inner-city kid (Catero Alain Colbert) enters a good school in the suburbs, but gets into trouble when he decides to live with his older, drug-dealing brother (Stoney Jackson), encounters racism from a white member of his running team, and becomes involved with a classmate (Sallie Richardson) who gets exasperated with his lack of sexual experience. Other surprises are in store in this sincere and well-intentioned if flawed locally made independent featurewhich also features director Ron O’Neal, Oscar Brown Jr. (especially good and likable as the school coach), and L. Scott Caldwell in central rolesbut the naivete of the hero is so extreme that it may exasperate the spectator as well. Based on a story by executive producer Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and scripted by Emma Young, Songodina Ifatunji, and Chuck and Zuindi Colbert. (JR)

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