John Landis in his dotage directs a lumbering Claude Magnier farce, adapted by Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland, about a day in the life of a wealthy Italian gangster (Sylvester Stallone) trying to go straight during prohibition. Whether Stallone is actually sedated or merely distracted from his surroundings by his own bulk, his lethargic and fumbling comic timing invariably throws off the rest of the castwhich includes Peter Riegert, Joey Travolta, Don Ameche, Richard Romanus, Eddie Bracken, Kurtwood Smith, Vincent Spano, Tim Curry, Joycelyn O’Brien, Elizabeth Barondes, Ornella Muti, and William Athertonall of whom convey the distinct impression that they’d rather be somewhere else. The sentiment is contagious. Kirk Douglas at least manages to contribute a feisty precredits death scene, but the film expires with him. (JR)

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