La Femme Nikita

The talentless but irrepressibly trendy Luc Besson (Subway, The Big Blue) dreamed up this idiotic story (1990, in French with subtitles) that seems vaguely inspired by Kubrick’s (not Anthony Burgess’s) A Clockwork Orange. A hardened junkie punk (Anne Parillaud) is sentenced to life in prison, then allowed to choose between death and becoming an assassin for the French secret police. Jeanne Moreau is around long enough to give her lessons in femininity, and Tcheky Karyo plays the paternalistic government official who shepherds the young woman through her recycling, thenafter she’s been released and has settled down with a pussycat boyfriend (Jean-Hugues Anglade)calls her at odd hours to send her on murderous missions, preferably in decorous surroundings. Go figure. 117 min. (JR)

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