You Can’t Hurry Love

A feeble attempt at satire about LA lifestyles, this lightweight comedy stars David Packer as a spurned fiance from Ohio who travels out west to stay with his cousin (Scott McGinnis) and find a new life and love. Most of the story involves his dates with various oddball women whom he meets through a dating service and his yearning to find someone normal; unfortunately, this movie’s grasp of the normal is every bit as cliched and overdone as its pie-eyed attitude about what LA kooks are supposed to be like. The film misses the mark on nearly every target, but Charles Grodin is around for an amusing cameo (along with Kristy McNichol and Sally Kellerman). Other actors include Bridget Fonda, David Leisure, and Anthony Geary, but the main culprit is director Richard Martini and his own witless script. (JR)

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