Scattered Clouds

A young woman (Yoko Tsukasa) whose husband is killed in an accident returns to her hometown, where she keeps encountering the guilt-stricken young executive (Yuzo Kayama) who drove the car that ran over her husband. Against all odds, they fall in love. Mikio Naruse’s characteristically fatalistic last feature (1967)in color and ‘Scope and at times evocative of Douglas Sirkis too melodramatic and formulaic to be one of his best films, but Tsukasa, who also worked for Kurosawa (Yojimbo) and Ozu (Late Autumn), is wonderfully expressive. It’s a pity Kayama, effective in a parallel role in Naruse’s 1964 Yearning, can’t quite keep up with her. In Japanese with subtitles. 107 min. (JR)

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