The Kid & I

Tom Arnold, whose career has fizzled since he appeared in True Lies, cowrote and stars in this comedy about an actor whose career has fizzled since he appeared in True Lies. His suicide attempt is interrupted when his agent (Henry Winkler) brings him a million-dollar offer to write and costar in a True Lies sequel, but the movie’s a vanity project bankrolled by a billionaire producer (Joe Mantegna) starring the producer’s son (Eric Gores), who has cerebral palsy, and intended to premiere at the kid’s 18th birthday party. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis must have a soft spot for the disabled kids of billionaires, because both have cameos near the end of this vulgar and dreadfully dopey enterprise; more impressively savvy is director Penelope Spheeris, who plays herself directing the movie-within-a-movie and manages to seem superfluous in both roles. With Richard Edson and Linda Hamilton. PG-13, 93 min. (JR)

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