The Brown Bunny

I missed the notorious Cannes premiere, when many critics trashed the film. After that, Vincent Gallo cut his highly self-regarding, handcrafted road movie by 26 minutes, and I have to admit I find the results more interesting than not. The film’s flaws are the exclusive property of its producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor, and star, and if some elements are irritating, at least they’re not borrowed goods. The character Gallo playsa semiautistic motorcycle racer driving back to the west coast from a New England event, picking up ravenous stray women and trying to deal with a traumatically concluded relationshipisn’t very interesting, but what Gallo does with sound, image, chutzpah, Ted Curson’s Tears for Dolphy, and the windshield of his own van has its moments. With Chloe Sevigny and Cheryl Tiegs. 90 min. (JR)

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