Slap Her, She’s French!

No French people were harmed during the making of this film, reads a jokey disclaimer during the final credits, and since to all appearances no French person was associated in any way with this miserable attempt at a comedy, the filmmakers might have a point. Yet French people are, like Texans, a part of the human race; and out of self-disgust, it appears, rather than any satiric intent worthy of the label, this movie tries very hard to slime both these types despite knowing little about either. Jane McGregor plays a Texan high school cheerleader whose life is taken over by a French exchange student (Piper Perabo) who, for reasons never explained, takes the same French course as the heroine. The rest of the movie is equally thoughtful. Melanie Mayron directed the tiresome script by Lamar Damon and Robert Lee King; with Trent Ford, Julie White, Brandon Smith, and Michael McKean. 93 min. (JR)

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