Jennifer Lopez, the star of this rather primitive thriller, has compared Nicholas Kazan’s script to Rocky, and since producer Irwin Winkler also gave us that slugfest, perhaps it was the model from the outset. A diner waitress (Lopez) marries a wealthy Prince Charming (Billy Campbell) who turns out to be a philandering wife beater with homicidal tendencies and who wants custody of their little girl; Lopez learns martial arts, becomes an expert lock picker and cat burglar, and ultimately beats the shit out of him. This comeuppance takes a very long time to arrive, as Campbell chases Lopez up and down the west coast; the movie is more interested in standard thriller effects than in giving us human beings to contend with. The audience I saw this with seemed to want to feel insulted, and this piece of crap delivered. Michael Apted, of all people, directed; with Juliette Lewis and Fred Ward. 115 min. (JR)

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