The Sweetest Thing

After seeing Roger Kumble’s previous Cruel Intentions and the trailer for this Cameron Diaz vehicle, I was expecting a sexy comedy; in fact the main bill of fare is gross-out humor in the style of There’s Something About Mary but without the same sense of character. The camaraderie between Diaz and her two pals (Christina Applegate and Selma Blair) leads to plenty of high spirits, yet the film is far too appreciative of its own jokes to let the audience discover anything on its own. The trio’s love lives are so poorly imagined that they never surmount the strident setups and deliveries of a few overworked gags, and when the bloopers are unreeled during the final credits, they’re pretty hard to distinguish from the takes that were actually used. Nancy Pimental wrote the script; with Thomas Jane and Parker Posey. 90 min. (JR)

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