Avant-garde Animation

Nine 16-millimeter short films, most or all of them durable classics: Harry Smith’s Mirror Animations (1956, 11 min.), Stan Brakhage’s Arabic 3 (1980, 8 min.), Storm De Hirsch’s Peyote Queen (1965, 9 min.), Takahiko IImura A I U E O NN (1993, 10 min.), Larry Jordan’s Our Lady of the Sphere (1969, 9 min.), Jeff Scher’s Milk of Amnesia (1992, 6 min.) and Reasons to be Glad (1980, 4 min.), Robert Breer’s Fuji (1973, 8 min.), and Paul Sharits’ Peace Mandala/End War (1966, 5 min.) (JR)

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