Kinetica 2: A Centennial Tribute To Oskar Fischinger

Abstract animator Oskar Fischinger (1900-’67) contributed to the German expressionist movement (Fritz Lang’s The Woman in the Moon) and the Hollywood dream factory (The Big Broadcast of 1937) and later divided his energies between experimental films and commercials. This retrospective comes in several parts: Masterworks and Rarities offers a comprehensive look of his work between 1927 and 1952, all presented in restored 35-millimeter prints. A panel discussion follows, which will include Barbara Fischinger, the Filmmaker’s daughter; the University of Chicago’s Yuti Tsivian and Reinhold Heller; the School of the Art Institute’s Jim Trainor; and the University of Notre Dame’s Donald Crafton. A second program, Legacy, features works by Jordan Belson, Norman McLaren, Sara Petty, Jules Engel, Mary Ellen Bute, and others influenced by Oskar Fischinger. For anyone interested in animation, this should be a landmark presentation. (JR)

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