The Internet Movie Database lists five theatrical features with this title that have been made since 1982, four of them since 1996, at least three of which have made it to Chicago. Michael Winterbottom, an English director so versatile (Welcome to Sarajevo, Jude, Butterfly Kiss) that he seems anonymous, directed this one, based on a Laurence Coriat script that follows the initially disconnected lives of a mother (Kika Markham) and her four children (Enzo Cilenti, Shirley Henderson, Gina McKee, and Molly Parker) over a London weekend. As an interweave of crosscut miniplots, this isn’t nearly as interesting or as pleasurable as Jeremy Podeswa’s recent The Five Senses, but fans of English kitchen-sink realism at its most depressing may relish the opportunities given the cast memberswho also include Jack Shepherd, Peter Marfleet, Ian Hart, Stuart Townsend, and John Simmto strut their stuff. 108 min. (JR)

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