A genuine curiosity, this 1965 horror feature starring William Shatner, written and directed by Leslie Stevens (Private Property, Hero’s Island), and shot by the great Conrad Hall is the only film ever made in Esperanto, a language optimistically invented in the late 19th century to foster world peace. In 1968, after failing to find a distributor, producer Anthony Taylor stored the masters and what he thought were all the copies at an LA lab, which lost them. But in 1996, years after giving up on the project, he learned that the Cinematheque Francaise had a print and had been showing it since the 70s. After a year of negotiations, he obtained a copy, restored it, added English subtitles, and put it out on video, which is how it will be shown here. Not to be confused with John Hough’s 1981 horror film The Incubus. 78 min. (JR)

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