Baby Geniuses

A better title for this atrocitywhich reportedly languished on the shelf for ages before being released like a noxious odorwould be Look Who’s Stalking. Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd, both uncomfortable, play leaders of a baby products company who are trying to crack the baby talk code by studying genius infants locked away in the lab and babbling to one another. We get to hear what the toddlers are actually saying through the miracle of bad dubbing, and apparently it’s proof of their genius that they all speak in ad-copy cliches and do bad imitations of Billy Crystal delivering one-liners. One baby breaks free and contrives to liberate the others; the hokey dialogue and witless physical gags keep everything painful and hectoring. Director Bob Clark wrote the script with Greg Michael, Steven Paul (responsible for the similarly awful Slapstick), and others; with Dom DeLuise, Peter MacNicol, Kim Cattrall, and Ruby Dee. (JR)

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