Fierce Creatures

A delightful, sexy farce featuring the same lead actors as A Fish Called WandaJohn Cleese (who scripted with Iain Johnstone), Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palinbut in a very different story. A Rupert Murdoch-like tycoon (Kline), who runs a company called Octopus, sends one of his bureaucrats (Cleese) to an English zoo with instructions to make it more profitable or close it down; the horrified staff of animal lovers plot various forms of revenge, while the tycoon’s crass and unappreciated son (Kline again) and an ambitious new Octopus employee (Curtis) come up with schemes of their own. Combining the gentle with the vulgar as only the English can, this lively comedy is bursting with character and energy, and directors Robert Young and Fred Schepisi (who completed the movie) do a fine job of keeping it all rollicking. (JR)

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