Sunset Park

A spunky white woman (Rhea Perlman) becomes coach of an inner-city basketball team and eventually wins the players’ hearts, in another example of the sort of feel-good liberal Band-Aid for racial inequality that Benjamin DeMott exposed recently in a valuable book. (Other examples in this burgeoningor should I say bludgeoning?cycle include Dangerous Minds and The Substitute.) I don’t deny the sincerity of such a movie, but it’s questionable whether it accomplishes much beyond flattering the audience for its goodwill. Steve Gomer directed a script by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld and Kathleen McGhee-Anderson, and the costars include Fredro Starr, Carol Kane, Terrence Dashon Howard, Camille Saviola, and De’Aundre Bonds. (JR)

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