The Brothers Mcmullen

This extremely banal low-budget American independent effort by writer-director-actor Edward Burns (1995, 97 min.), about Irish-Catholic brothers and their women in Long Island, provoked a certain amount of buzz and won a best picture prize at the Sundance film festival, but if anything about the movie merits such interest it eludes me. Though the acting seems competent enough, I was bored out of my skull throughoutby the conventional characters and by their shopworn soul-searching, which reminded me of Woody Allen devoid of wit. If you want to waste a couple of hours, you can surely do much better. With Shari Albert, Maxine Bahns, Catharine Bolz, Connie Britton, Peter Johansen, Jennifer Jostyn, Mike McGlone, Elizabeth P. McKay, and Jack Mulcahy. (JR)

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