Nina Takes A Lover

Laura San Giacomo cut off two feet of her hair to star in this first feature by writer-director Alan Jacobs, a serious movie about adultery set in San Francisco. It’s a lovely, nuanced performance, even if it’s ultimately handicapped, like the rest of the film, by a belatedly revealed narrative gimmick that you may find as hard to accept as I did. As a romantic story, this benefits from the fact that Jacobs and his three coproducers are all first-timers, which means that whatever mistakes they make are their own, not somebody else’s; there’s a lot of honest feeling in this movie, as well as some searching thoughts about what keeps or doesn’t keep certain long-term relationships going. With Paul Rhys (Vincent & Theo), Michael O’Keefe, Cristi Conaway, and Fisher Stevens. (JR)

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