The Specialist

Another silly explosion movie (1994), this one hatching revenge plots under every bush in Miami. Sharon Stone (here in her va-va-voom mode) hires loner explosives expert Sylvester Stallone to blow up the killers of her parents. Stallone’s former CIA buddy James Woods (a villain out of The Perils of Pauline, now working for the mob and abusing Stone in his spare time) seeks revenge against Stallone for punching him out. Stallone has it in for Woods for allowing a little girl to get blown up in one of their former team efforts. And Rod Steiger, enjoyably overplaying a Cuban American crime boss, wants to catch the killer of his terminally obnoxious son (Eric Roberts). Oh yes, and Stallone wants to beat up an unrelated character because he steals a seat on a bus from a middle-aged woman, and Woods takes pleasure in insulting and humiliating everyone in sight. If campy sex and violence is your cup of tea, here’s a full thermos jug to take on a picnic. Written by Alexandra Seros (Point of No Return) and directed by Luis Llosa (Sniper). (JR)

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