I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Argentinean filmmaker Maria Luisa Bemberg’s 1993 adaptation, with Jorge Goldenberg, of an original story by Julio Llinas in some ways resembles an anecdote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A wealthy widow living in a remote town in the 30s denies that her daughter and only child , whom she raises with loving care, is a dwarf, and a recently arrived stranger (Marcello Mastroianni) who befriends the mother falls desperately in love with the daughter and wants to marry her. Rather than play this premise for black comedy, Bemberg fashions a delicate and mysterious film, with both the strengths and limitations of an evocative short story. The characters are all nicely played (Luisina Brando is especially good as the mother), but we know only enough about them for the tale to function as a parable; if we want to understand them as people, we’re left somewhat dissatisfied. (JR)

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