Coming Out Under Fire

One of the most interesting and effective aspects of this prizewinning new documentary by Arthur Dong about gay men and lesbians in the military during World War II is the fact that it’s in black and white. Among other things, this puts contemporary interviews and archival footage on an equal footing, so they seem continuous with one another. (Mark Adler’s serviceable score strengthens this continuity by playing over both kinds of footage.) Adapted by Dong and Allan Berube from Berube’s 1990 book of the same title and narrated by Salome Jens, this informative and intelligent work provides a comprehensive historical context for the recent debates stirred up by Clinton’s efforts to allow gay men and women to serve in the armed forces. Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, Friday, August 5, 6:00 and 7:45; Saturday, August 6, 4:15 and 6:00; and Sunday, August 7, 4:00; 443-3737.

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