I Love Trouble

The husband-and-wife team of writer-director Charles Shyer and writer-producer Nancy Meyersimpresarios of the cute and smarmy (Baby Boom, the Father of the Bride remake)cast Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte as reporters on rival Chicago papers, both after the same dangerous story, in a rather anemic and forgettable $50-million action comedy. Clearly the models are Charade, North by Northwest, and the Tracy-Hepburn sparring matches, but Roberts and Nolte seem to go together like oil and water, and the convoluted conspiracy-crime plot keeps them a lot more occupied than us. As a romp, this is more labored than light, though it’s mildly watchable if all you’re looking for is distraction. With Saul Rubinek, Robert Loggia, and James Rebhorn. (JR)

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