Chicago’s Own

A program of recent works by two local video artists. The longest is Pure (1993), an extremely ambitious and highly provocative globehopping video essay by the University of Chicago’s Scott Rankin–a densely packed discussion of exoticism, authenticity, and a great deal more. Mocking the role of the in-person TV commentator while offering nonstop philosophical notations about our dubious and ideologically informed grasp of the world we live in, Rankin may give us more material than we can comfortably digest in an hour–but then so do the world and the media he describes. On the same program are four videos by Northwestern University’s Annette Barbier; the only one I’ve seen, The Kitchen Goddess (1992), has some interesting computer graphics and ideas about domestic work. The others: Domestic Portraits 1 and 2 and Moving to the Suburbs, both made in 1993. Chicago Filmmakers, 1543 W. Division, Friday, March 4, 8:00, 384-5533.

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