Heart And Souls

Four San Francisco bus passengers (Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard, Tom Sizemore, Kyra Sedgwick) perish in an accident in 1959, then watch over the growth of a baby born at the same instant, who becomes an adult played by Robert Downey Jr. With his assistance, the four are given one last chance to straighten out their lives on earth before they go to heaven. There’s enough whimsy and Capracorn here to choke a horse, and things get even more complicated when the four dead people enter the body of Downey in turnto help him help them. Fortunately the talents of the actorsespecially Downey and Woodardsometimes make this effective (i.e., funny or moving) in spite of all the goo. Ron Underwood (City Slickers) directed from a script by Erik Hansen, Gregory Hansen, S.S. Wilson, and Brent Maddock. (JR)

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