Trusting Beatrice

A rather feeble, cutesy romantic comedyan independent first feature shot in Providence, Rhode Island, that often suggests an update of Pollyanna with a few mordant overtones. After his wife leaves him, a hapless landscaper (Mark Evan Jacobs) accidentally burns down his house, including the downstairs apartment that’s occupied by Beatrice, a French immigrant (The Double Life of Veronique’s Irene Jacob), and her adopted Cambodian daughter. Guilt stricken, he moves them into the troubled household of his parents and grandfather, where Beatrice brings a ray of sunshine, or something like that, into all their lives. You can imagine the restor at least try to, which is what writer-director Cindy Lou Johnson did. With Charlotte Moore, Pat McNamara, Leonardo Cimino, Nady Meas, and Steve Buscemi (1992). (JR)

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