The Best Of The International Tournee Of Animation

What’s best in such compilations is always debatable, but if you haven’t seen any of the International Tournees some pleasant surprises are in store for you. For the record, the 17 shorts from seven countries are: from the UK, Paul Vester’s Sunbeam (1980), Alison Snowden and David Fine’s Second Class Mail (1984), Nick Park’s Creature Comforts (1989), David Anderson’s Door (1990), and John Minnis’s Charade (1984); from the U.S., Bill Kroyer’s Technological Threat (1988), Brett Koth’s Happy Hour, Sally Cruikshank’s Face Like a Frog (1987), Gregory Grant’s Ode to G.I. Joe (1990), John Lasseter and William Reeves’s Tin Toy (1988), and John Kricfalusi’s Big House Blues; from Hungary, Ferenc Rofusz’s The Fly (1980) and Gyula Nagy’s Finger Wave (1988); from the former USSR, Mikhail Aldashin’s The Hunter (1991); from the Netherlands, Paul Driessen’s The Killing of an Egg (1977); from Germany, Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein’s Balance (1989); and from Canada, Cordell Barker’s The Cat Came Back (1988). (JR)

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