The Tune

A 1992 cartoon feature by independent animator Bill Plymptoncoscripted with P.C. Vey and Maureen McElheron, who also composed the music and supplies the voice of the heroinefeaturing both his taste for nonstop surreal inventions and his usual distaste for people. The putative story line has to do with a nerdy songwriter hoping for a hit who winds up in the town of Flooby NoobyPlympton’s version of Wonderlandwhich furnishes enough musical and narrative padding to turn this into a feature-length collection of a dozen music videos, many of them made up largely of still shots. (Bits and pieces of this feature appeared in various Plympton shorts over a couple of yearse.g. a sadistic duel between two poker-faced executives.) While the acerbic style has its moments of genuine witI especially enjoyed the Elvis parodythe rough line drawings can get a little tiresome over 72 minutes. (JR)

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