Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

Director John Carpenter (Halloween, They Live) meets Chevy Chase in an action comedy and both lose something in the encounterCarpenter his usual personality and freedom, Chase his usual ease with light comedy. Chase’s own production company made this movie, which seems to deal obliquely with Chase’s real-life estrangement from his standard comic persona; the alienation comes across, but not a genre context that meshes with the comedy or the suspense, both of which are somewhat strained rather than enhanced by the personal element. The setting is San Francisco, where Chase, a stock analyst, becomes invisible and the object of a manhunt after an industrial accident; he’s more depressed than liberated by the experience, and the audience may feel the same way. Inspired by a novel with the same title by H.F. Saint and scripted by Robert Collector, Dana Olsen, and William Goldman; Daryl Hannah is the love interest. With Sam Neill, Michael McKean, and Stephen Tobolowsky. (JR)

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