Chicago-frankfurt Film Exchange

A special event in the Onion City Film Festival, this program of ten shorts by independent filmmakers in Frankfurt, West Germany, grew out of the ongoing student exchange program between the School of the Art Institute and the Staedelschule, Frankfurt; a matching program of Chicago independent films will be shown in Frankfurt next month. Among the works to be shown here are two by former exchange students, Ines Sommer’s O, A (composed out of small image and sound events, creating something which is close to a child’s vision) and Roland Krueger’s single-frame Chicago 1986/87, as well as Karin Hoerler’s animated Frisch, Eva Heldmann’s ironic version of a Brecht/Weill song, Regine Steenbock’s demystifying treatment of prostitution, and Thomas Feldmann’s depiction of his sexual fantasies in Discovery. Christine Noll Brinckmann’s The Primal Scene, the only one of these films I’ve been able to see, combines an exploration of diverse Frankfurt bedrooms with both Kay Starr’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Waltz and silence to provoke some of our own sexual fantasies.

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