This vehicle for Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), directed by Rowdy Herrington, begins as a kind of contemporary western, with the hero arriving in a rowdy Missouri town to clean up a roadhouse called the Double Deuce as a cooler who manages the bouncers; eventually it mutates into a paranoid revenge plot that might be called Walking Short, with the hero up against Ben Gazzara as the evil villain who runs the town and destroys everyone who gets in his way. The film gets campier by the minute, though it makes occasional good use of Sam Elliott as a wizened sidekick of Swayze; Kelly Lynch, who plays a local doctor and the romantic interest, is distinguished according to the Manichaean plot by her cool manner and relatively small breasts, in contrast to the brasher and bustier stripper types who hang out at the Double Deuce and help to provoke the various slugfests. Written by David Lee Henry and Hilary Henkin; with Marshall Teague, Julie Michaels, and Red West. (JR)

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