Patrick Dempsey stars as a college student who takes a job delivering pizza in Beverly Hills when his tuition is cut off by his father because of poor grades, and finds himself working profitably as a gigolo, in a strained comedy directed by Joan Micklin Silver (Hester Street) from a script by Robin Schiff, Tom Ropelewski, and Leslie Dixon. Part of the problem here is that, like many American sex comedies that deal chiefly with embarrassment, the overall mood tends to be more puritanically repressive than joyfulgiggly innuendo about the hero’s suspected gayness and a near brush with incest tend to dominate. Dempsey seems conspicuously miscast as the eponymous stud, but does manage to pull off a few moments of tolerable physical comedy. Costars include Carrie Fisher, Barbara Carrera, Kirstie Alley, and Kate Jackson. (JR)

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