Hotel Colonial

John Savage, Rachel Ward, Massimo Troisi, and Robert Duvall on a slow road to hell paved with the best of intentionscourtesy of director Cinzia TH Torrini, and writers Enzo Monteleone and Robert Katz, who collaborated with her on the script. Savage flies to Colombia when he hears about the alleged suicide there of his brother, a former Red Brigades terrorist; from there he proceeds into the wilds on a sort of meandering Heart of Darkness quest, half-travelogue and half-polemic, regarding man’s inhumanity to man. Neither Savage nor the confused script is up to the task of expressing the moral outrage that this movie has in mind; the polyglot cast seems discombobulated, and not even Fellini cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno or Welles associate Alessandro Tasca (executive in charge of production) can bring much distinction to a project so helplessly adrift. (JR)

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