It’s our old friend the sexually warped serial killer (D.W. Moffett), this time stalking a slightly rebellious 14-year-old (Staci Keanan of My Two Dads) who lives with her single mother (Cheryl Ladd) and who, without realizing it, has been flirting with him on the phone. Before this movie gets around to its predictable violent conclusion, it does a surprisingly good job of exploring the fantasy world of a young teenager and her variable relationship with her mother, thanks in part to Keanan’s excellent performance. Writer-director Gary Sherman (Vice Squad, Poltergeist III), collaborating on the script with Karen Clark, is reasonably if conventionally skilled in setting up thriller foreplay, and if he loses his assurance at climactic moments, the audience is probably too revved up by then to notice. With Tanya Fenmore. (JR)

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