A painful attempt to satirize the making of rock videos that runs aground with a puerile plot and bombastic, self-infatuated delivery. Two security guards (Tim Robbins and John Cusack) decide to go into the music video business, start out by making a fast-food commercial, and wind up involved in a plot to unmask a politician with deviant sexual tastes. Candor compels me to admit that there was a lot of laughter around me when I saw this upon its 1988 release, but I found it difficult to share in the fun. (If this were five times better, it just might qualify as a white man’s Hollywood Shuffle.) Bill Fishman directed a script by himself and Patrick McCarthy; with Katy Boyer, Mary Crosby, Clu Gulager, Jessica Walter, Sam Moore, Junior Walker, Connie Stevens, and Doug McClure. 97 min. (JR)

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