The Nether Regions

This varied program of ten short, tasteless underground shockers is also billed as The Lower Depths, but if we listed it that way, you might confuse it with the adaptations of the Gorki play by Renoir and Kurosawa. The films to be shown: John Waters’s notorious and very early The Diane Linkletter Story (with Divine), 14 short films made with Otto Muehl’s Reichian Viennese commune, Willard Maas’s self-regarding Orgia (filmed by his wife Marie Menken), Curt McDowell’s Polanski parody Stinkybutt, Rudy Burckhardt’s satiric Sodom and Gomorrah, Stan Brakhage’s The Women, Herbert Jean de Grasse’s satiric The Organic Vampire, David Devensky’s Caterpillars and Ants, Richard Beveridge’s Keep Bright the Devil’s Doorknobs, and Osamu Tezuka’s Jumping. A presentation of the Experimental Film Coalition.

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