Daily Archives: April 23, 2004


After the owner of a failing chair factory is robbed, his unpaid workers take over the premises and threaten a strike. Acting as a go-between, the owner’s son tries to negotiate a settlement. Writer-director Alejandro Malowicki’s ideas and dramaturgy are utterly conventional, but this 2003 feature is reasonably well acted and competently developed. In Spanish with subtitles. 96 min. (JR) Read more

Deep Throat

Gerard Damiano’s 1972 porn flick stars Linda Lovelace as a woman with a clitoris in her throat. It’s one of the most notorious hard-core features ever released, though apart from its comic conceit, its main claim to fame is the amount of semiserious discussion it provoked, back when raunchiness was more readily tolerated. With Harry Reems as Lovelace’s doctor. X, 61 min. (JR) Read more