Monthly Archives: January 2001

Lisbon Story

Written and directed by Wim Wenders on an off-the-cuff, day-to-day basis, this 1994 feature resurrects two characters from his previous work: Phillip Winter (R Read more

The Man Without A World

Writer-director Eleanor Antin’s feeling for the genre of Yiddish silent films is more clever than uncanny, but this 1991 pastiche is an interesting and heartfelt effort nonetheless, and Antin’s own performance as a ballerina is very good. The film is attributed to one Yevgeny Antinov, an imaginary Soviet director who fled to Krakow in 1927 and was backed by American entrepreneurs for a film about shtetl life for the Jewish nostalgia market back home; the plan supposedly aborted when Antinov made the film political. The story itself concerns the ill-fated romance between a merchant’s daughter (Christine Berry) and a Yiddish poet (ex-Chicagoan Pier Marton). 98 min. (JR) Read more

Charlie Chaplin Film Festival

Made in 1916 and 1917, the Mutual shorts arguably represent Chaplin’s first mature work, a perfect balancing of slapstick gags and character development. This program contains three of the most celebrated: The Immigrant, The Adventurer, and The Rink. (JR) Read more