Daily Archives: June 1, 1989

Beauty #2

One of the liveliest and most conceptually interesting of Andy Warhol’s early sound featurettes, this 66-minute movie made from a single camera setup features Edie Sedgwick and Gino Piserchio on a bed, mainly in their underwear, and the voices of Gerard Malanga and Chuck Wein offscreen, Wein supposedly directing the film (1965). On the same program, Warhol’s 39-minute Eat (1963), a beautiful silent work that features painter Robert Indiana eating mushrooms meditatively while looking at everything but the camera, and a friendly cat that occasionally joins him in the frame. Despite the evident minimalism of this portrait, the fact that Indiana’s sitting in a swiveling rocking chair introduces a lot of variations in the camera’s relative positionthe equivalents, in fact, of pans, tilts, and tracking shots. (JR) Read more