One More Bibliographic List

Here are some links to pieces of mine that are available online elsewhere, but not (yet) on this site, in chronological order, over the past six or seven years. Many of them include various lists of their own. — J.R.

10 Favorite Offbeat Musicals (March 2006):

Ten Overlooked Noirs (April 2006):

A Dozen Eccentric Westerns (June 2006):

Ten Neglected Science Fiction Movies (August 2006):

Ten Overlooked Fantasy Films on TV (and Two That Should be Available) (October 2006):

A Dozen Undervalued Movie Satires (January 2007):

Eleven Treasures of Jazz Performance on DVD (April 2007):

18 Thrillers You Might Have Missed… (July 2007):

Ten Underappreciated John Ford Films (December 2007):

My Dozen Favorite Non-Region-1 Box Sets (June 2008):

My Dozen Favorite Non-Region-1 Single-disc DVDs (November 2008):

Trial and Era (on Jim McBride’s early films) (posted April 3, 2009):

The Consequences of Fame (on Roman Polanski’s arrest, posted Sept. 19, 2009):

Tony Tony Tony (on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, posted December 23, 2009):

Great 30s Movies on DVD (…and a few more that should be available) (February 2010):

Too Many Greats Ignored (on the Oscars, posted March 4, 2010):

Gertrud and Light in August (posted October 26, 2010):

Visions of the South (March 10, 2011):

A Star Who Knew Who She Was (on Elizabeth Taylor’s death, posted March 28, 2011):

Acid Test: The curiosity of Otto Preminger’s Skidoo (posted July 20, 2011):

Capitulating for the Camera’s Sake: the Late Artistry of Raúl Ruiz (Nov. 2, 2011):

Critical Consensus: Kent Jones and Jonathan Rosenbaum Discuss Robert Bresson and Jean-Luc Godard (with Eric Kohn; posted January 6, 2012):

Joe Dante, Anonymous King of the Post-Cult Cinema Community (posted in Winter 2012):

Chantal Akerman: The Integrity of Exile and the Everyday (posted in 2012):

The Jews of Hollywood (book review, October 12, 2012):

50th Vienna International Film Festival, 2012 (posted circa November 8, 2012):

Discovering Margaret (posted circa November 8, 2012):

Festivals: Viennale (original title, At the Viennale: Chris Marker Lives!, November 16, 2012):

Devotional Reading (with sidebar) (posted online in December 2012):

Spielberg’s Portrait of Lincoln is a Bust (article, November 16, 2012):

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