A Forthcoming Novel by Robin Wood

The following is taken from a web site known as Robin Wood’s Blog:

As many of you are aware Robin Wood died on 18 December 2009 at the age of 78 after an exceptionally productive and engaged life. Robin’s creativity and industry were not restricted to film criticism. He also wrote novels and screenplays, which were of a piece with his film criticism, both being centrally concerned with the ways in which the current structures of society are inimical to the full flowering of people’s lives, are inimical to, indeed, Life itself, as Robin (and Dr. Leavis) defined that term in their respective writings.

Robin’s estate will be privately publishing one of Robin’s novels, the one that appears to have been most personal to him and, perhaps for that reason, the one he was proudest of. The novel will be sold by reservation, and publication is tentatively scheduled for September 2010. The novel will be published in quality paperback with an introduction by his life partner and the executor of his estate, Richard Lippe. The price has yet to be determined (although it is expected to be in the vicinity of CDN$30.00 including shipping).

For those who wish to reserve a copy of the novel, please notify either Gary McCallum or Richard Lippe as below. Once the price has been determined, purchasers will be notified and payment requested in advance of shipment.

Gary J. McCallum                   Richard Lippe
Barrister & Solicitor               705 – 40 Alexander Street
2 Finley Road                         Toronto, Ontario
Brampton, Ontario                 Canada, M4Y 1B5
Canada, L6T 1A9                   T: 416-964-3534
T: 905-452-0701                    E. rlippe@yorku.ca.
F: 1-888-544-7099
E: gjm@mccallumlaw.ca

This weblog will from time to time post further information about the novel, its publication, and its author.

WARNING: The novel that will be published is entitled Trammel up the Consequence. In this novel Robin’s preoccupations were expressed – one wants to say released – in a most graphic manner that may not be acceptable to some readers. [4/20/10]

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